Skill Development

The extent of success of management graduates will be determined largely by the skills that they acquire even before entering the corporate world. These skills go beyond the contents of the subjects acquired in the classrooms. Students need to possess skills which will make them productively and gainfully employable. They should develop broad understanding of business, strategic problem solving abilities, critically thinking capabilities, extensively networking skills, capacity of handling stressful situations, analytically evaluating skills and leadership qualities. We conduct sessions especially on the following areas for skill development of our students.

Our Careers team provide a dedicated personal consultancy counseling service and job assistance to all our PGDM and MMS students. Our aim is to prepare students for their job search and recruit companies to hire Full-time MBA students for summer internships and permanent employment. Guidance sessions are conducted with the help of experienced industry professionals and faculty mentors to select suitable specialization and career.

Practical path to being a professional is a soft skills training program that helps students transition smoothly into corporate life. This session gives tips to students on how to become efficient through learning the basics of corporate communication, managing time, and the mind-set shift that is required when moving from a college to a corporate environment.

Mentoring is conducted as a professional activity in which the experienced faculty members as mentors help the students who are the mentees in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance professional and personal growth. It’s intended to meet objectives such as identifying strengths and weaknesses, improving performance, career development, sharing knowledge and developing the right attitude.

Providing students with hands-on exposure to real-world business situations and thus improving their competency are a major responsibility of Atharva team. Experiential activities are a required part of the curriculum. Numerous out-of-classroom opportunities offer students the opportunity to build upon their skill sets.