Digital Transformation demands more from future Managers

Prof. Sreeram Gopalkrishnan

Recently we had a series of presentations from MMS 2nd Semester students on Digital Transformation as a part of the preparation for the Dandekar Trophy. Though the students who were gunning for a selection did a marvelous job only a select few could be sent to represent AIMS. There was very little difference between the contestants and those who were not selected could not make the grade because it was just not their day. Like when a batsmen gets out at 99.

MOTHER – A Management Guru

It is said that management skills go beyond what you are taught in the B-schools. So, why not learn them from the one with whom we can associate the most ‘firsts’ of our life? Yes, Mamma, as I call her is the epitome of a complete Management Guru.

The ERA of Artificial Intelligence in HR

Dr. Divya Jain

Technology in HR has revamped the way workforce practices dealt with, in earlier days. This has now become an on-going practice to question & re-engineer prevalent work practices & make it a seamless experience for each & every employee associated with the same.

Maternity coaching an initiative towards gender inclusion.

Prof. Reena Poojara

Over 48% of working women under the age of 30 take a break in career citing maternity as the top reason. And, companies see a surging spike in attrition of women who return from maternity leave. The Amended Maternity Benefit Act, 1961, Maternity Benefit stipulates a six months leave with the option of flexible working. However, the leave provision alone does not seem to play a major role in curbing attrition.


Prof. Kinjal Shethia

To understand the importance of risk and return across various asset classes, it is imperative to first understand the meaning of asset class and its types, the risk involved in investing in various asset classes and the return generated by investing in it.

Green Bonds

Prof. Priyanka Kumari

A bond is a debt instrument with which an entity raises money from investors. The bond issuer gets capital while the investors receive fixed income in the form of interest. When the bond matures, the money is repaid.

The Marketing Finance Interdependence

Prof. Priyanka Patel

There is a short story which I would like to narrate Marketing, Finance: Opposites attracted, went on a Date but Love never Happened!!! This in itself is a story. Yes, an incomplete story on Marketing and Finance. Two areas which are extreme opposites but never marry. Someone correctly pointed out that combination of marketing and finance is like a failed marriage. Even if you try to get into an arranged marriage, it will still fail because of lack of love.