Dr. R. M. Kumar



We impart education by functioning as teachers, facilitators, guides, mentors and counsellors and cater to the realistic aspirations of our students by providing excellent management education with care and commitment. By adopting contemporary and innovative teaching pedagogy applicable in the field of management education, we make it possible for our students to develop analytical skills and become competitive by nurturing their talents. We introduce regular and systematic improvement in various academic and institutional processes to incorporate the latest developments in the economy so as to remain updated with the best practices in the industry.

We incorporate serious methods to strengthen our students on parameters such as technical knowledge, soft skills, professional attitude and readiness for corporate life to enhance their employability and productivity. By providing training to become efficient and creative, efforts are made to build rewarding career for our students by enabling them to satisfy the changing needs of the industry. Knowing that industry needs business managers and not merely management degree holders, dedicated student-centric efforts are made for various aspects of skill development so that our students can get gainful employment and become entrepreneurs also.

We wish to participate and contribute in nation building activities by creating management professionals who can think seriously, evaluate analytically, create innovatively, produce qualitatively and perform decisively. We recognize the need to develop and offer superior quality management professionals who would passionately serve the industry and society with a sense of responsibility and accountability. We direct our efforts also by stressing the need to become ethical and genuine in business and professional life while pursuing the material interests. Thus we consciously adopt measures to offer value-based education for the holistic development of our students.

Activities are conducted in such a way that our long-term vision of pursuing excellence in education is attained by regular day-to-day execution. We inculcate the need to attach more importance for being committed rather than merely satisfied employees, and being passionate contributors rather than qualified and talented alone. Due to the ideal combination of excellent physical, financial and human resources, we can perform our academic activities to the satisfaction of our students and industry. With the combined efforts of all of us, we hope that our students will be able to become vibrant managers, inspiring leaders, dynamic entrepreneurs and responsible citizens.

We extend hearty welcome to the students to AIMS for laying the foundation for a bright career and life.