Career Management

Career management of our students is taken care of by Career Management Centre (CMC) which plays the role of counsellor, coach, guide and facilitator. It provides a strong support system in guiding and grooming the students for pursuing a successful career. Guidance sessions are conducted with the help of experienced industry professionals and faculty mentors to select suitable specialisation and career. Details are given about various job profiles and students are enabled to achieve their goals by fulfilling industry’s expectations. The following methods provided with the help of experts drawn from industry and academia are useful to our students in building their career.


Systematic efforts are made from the first semester itself to improve the employability of our students in reputed companies with good package. Training programmes are conducted to improve soft skills, digital skills, negotiation skills, logical skills, analytical skills, presentation skills and to score well in aptitude test. CMC helps the students in preparing professional resume, describes interview techniques, narrates the do’s and don’ts of interview and exposes them to Group Discussions and Mock Interviews. Students are trained to deliver best results during live projects, summer internship, final placement and are also provided guidance in their career.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the process of learning through the experience of doing. It’s a method of acquiring knowledge and skills through actual experience outside the academic classrooms which can include internships, field trips, market research and live projects. In addition to various formal modules of training, students are encouraged to organise and participate in various events to enhance their innovative thinking and managerial skills. The learning from guest lectures, research paper presentations, workshops, seminars, conferences and project presentations also facilitates the students to improve their competence and showcase it during the placement process.

Soft Skills

Technical and job-related skills are essential to perform specific tasks but will not suffice at the time of recruitment and for progressing in career. It’s also necessary to have soft skills which refer to those personal attributes that indicate a high level of emotional intelligence and are broadly applicable across jobs and industries. It’s necessary to become proactive and communicate ideas properly and convincingly. Students are given training on soft skills such as interpersonal skills, team spirit, business etiquette, and behavioural qualities such as attitude, motivation and time management. The dedicated training on soft skills enables students to present themselves better.


CMC attaches importance to career counselling by starting from the initial stage of guidance on selection of specialisation to preparing for final interviews. Students are guided to select appropriate career depending on their aptitude and opportunities, and to move in the desirable path with positive attitude. Counselling is also done on personal matters whenever required. The counsellors help the students in their day-to-day matters of concern and improve their overall functioning to manage their time and increase their capabilities. Counselling at different stages of recruitment process has been very helpful to the students to move to the next stage.


Mentoring is conducted as a professional activity in which the experienced faculty members as mentors help the students who are the mentees in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance professional and personal growth. It’s intended to meet objectives such as identifying strengths and weaknesses, improving performance, career development, sharing knowledge and developing the right attitude. Since mentors have a significant role in properly moulding students by giving personal attention, mentor-mentee meetings are conducted by focusing on the mentee’s total development to enable them to become suitable to the expectations of industry.

Personality Development

Personality development makes people disciplined, polite, punctual and respectful and plays an essential role in the successful career of professionals. Activities are conducted for personality development to develop effective communication skills, inter-personal skills, team management and leadership qualities and perform well in the recruitment process of companies. Interactive training exposes students to a variety of issues and situations that they are likely to come across as entry-level managers. It helps in the holistic development of students to understand and overcome the challenges more effectively and efficiently.

Alumni Connect

By maintaining contact with the alumni through alumni network and alumni meet, CMC is able to make the services of our alumni for their interaction with the current students to get a more realistic and credible view of many matters related to careers. They provide ideas about the latest trends, opportunities and career options in various sectors in the corporate sector and challenges that the students have to overcome in the near future. They are invited to share their experience as students earlier and now as employees or entrepreneurs. The students get additional benefit of offers for summer internship and final placement also.

Career Management Centre Contact

Mr. Rakesh Narad Head, Career Management Centre
Ms. Nikita Nimkar Manager, Corporate Relations
Ms. Kiran Nigam Soft Skills Trainer
Ms. Pooja Gupta Training & Placement Executive
CMC Phone Nos. 022 4029 4949 / 022 4925 9500
CMC Email Id.

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