Career Management

Placement Statistics

No. of Companies participating in the Campus Placement Process: 250+

Profiles Offered: Management Trainee, Financial Analyst, Corporate Sales, Business Development Manager, Sr. Financial Manager, HR Compliance, Relationship Officer, Project Coordinator, Business Associate

Range of Sectors: Banking, Financial Services, HR & Consulting, Telecom, FMCG, Media, Pharma, Real Estate, Hospitality, Sports, Jewellery

Highest package offered: Rs. 10 lacs pa

Median package offered: Rs. 7 lacs pa

CMC Contact Person List

Mr. Rajesh Jamwal | Head - Career Management Center | 9867267228 |

Ms. Madhura Gudise | Assistant Manager - Career Management Centre | 7045497355 |

Ms. Soni Singh | Executive - Career Management Centre | 9769958130 |