Steering Committee

Atharva Institute of Management Studies has constituted NAAC Steering Committee. The members are as follows: -

S.No. Name of the Member Designation Position
1 Dr. Harish Kumar. S Purohit Director CHAIRMAN,IQAC
2 Dr. Shubhi Lall Agarwal Assistant Professor Co-ordinator- IQAC,CRITERION VI
3 Prof Sandeep Rasall Assistant Professor CRITERION I
4 Dr Vaibhav Patil Assistant Professor CRITERION II
5 Dr. Swati Agrawal Assistant Professor CRITERION III
6 Ms. Indira Vanjare Librarian CRITERION IV
7 Dr. Reena Poojara Assistant professor CRITERION V
8 Dr. Monika Shrimali Assistant professor CRITERION VII
1) Dr Shubhi Lall Agarwal- Compilation & Review of overall AQAC
2) Mr. Amit Penta (Registrar)- Providing necessary support and office/administration related data for all the Criterions.