A voyage to raise consciousness about non-life insurance

Dr. Aparna Ger

My name is Dr. Aparna, and Im a faculty of finance and marketing. My love is research, and I enjoy studying all facets of life. The most important thing to do if one wants to live a calm life and learn more is research...

The Game Changer: How Digital Marketing is Revolutionizing the Marketing Syllabus

Dr. Swati Agrawal

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, traditional marketing strategies are no longer enough to keep businesses ahead of the curve. It's time for a game changer – digital marketing. This powerful tool is revolutionizing the way marketing is taught and practiced, transforming the marketing syllabus for the better.

MOTHER – A Management Guru

Prof. Sonam Gawde

As a kid I remember her getting up early every morning, cooking delicious food for the family, helping me with my home-work and assignments, making me ready for school - undoubtedly, she’s my first teacher. Today, the Management concepts taught in B-schools go beyond the classrooms. So, why not learn them from the one with whom we can associate our most ‘firsts’ of life?

Interdependence of Marketing and Finance

Prof. Priyanka Patel

There is a short story which I would like to narrate Marketing, Finance: Opposites attracted, went on a Date but Love never Happened!!! This in itself is a story. Yes, an incomplete story on Marketing and Finance. Two areas which are extreme opposites but never marry. Someone correctly pointed out that combination of marketing and finance is like a failed marriage. Even if you try to get into an arranged marriage, it will still fail because of lack of love.

Maternity Coaching: An Initiative towards Gender Inclusion

Prof. Reena Poojara

Balancing career and family has been a struggle for women since there were careers to be balanced and it doesn’t end with pregnancy. Raising children is a self-sacrificing venture, and when faced with the decision between child or career, many women choose child. This presents a challenge both for employees who may desire a career, and the companies who likely covet the retention of said employees.

Green Bond

Prof. Priyanka Kumari

A bond is a debt instrument with which an entity raises money from investors. The bond issuer gets capital while the investors receive fixed income in the form of interest. When the bond matures, the money is repaid. In a green bond, the issuer of a green bond publicly states that capital is being raised to fund ‘green’ projects, which typically include those relating to renewable energy, emission reductions and so on.

Costing Simplified: Activity Based Costing

Prof. Priyanka Patel

In my point of view, the most crucial factor in any business or organization is the “Cost”. Since cost being a crucial factor in every decision making process, the company has to make sure that the process of evaluation and determination of cost is veracious. For that purpose, major companies for the longest time relied on Traditional Costing. The term tradition itself means “An inherited pattern of thought or action”.