Academic Development

Student Achievement

WeBiz – Annual Business Management Fest 2024

We School Welingkar Education, Mumbai, Department of Management organized the event “WeBiz – The Annual Business Management Fest 2024” for two days 6 th & 7 th March 2024 which focus on Inspire, Ignite & Innovation. This was a National level competition where students of other states such as Gujarat, Sikkim, Goa , etc . There were Management events as well as Fun games for the participants. The Winners were given Cash prizes. Out of 134 students of MMS 2023-25 batch 80 students participated and 07 students won in the events . Events such as Ad-Rush , SustainoPitch, Eco-Enigma, WeShleshan, TradeQuest, and many more. This was a great opportunity for the students to explore themselves and enhance their management skills.

Cogency – Realm of Illusion 2024 (03 March 2024)

Anjuman-I-Islam , Allana Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai organized an Intercollegiate event “Cogency – Realm of Illusion 2024” on 03 rd March 2024 . The 63 students of Atharva Institute of Management Studies , MMS Sem 2 Bach 2023-25 actively and enthusiastically participated and also won in various activities and quiz competitions. The event consist of 6-7 sports , 6-7 Management skill based activities and Talent Hunt. The students who won are shown below in Glimpses . Overall the students learnt about time management as most of events were time based and team coordination.

Finquest Winners 2 nd Rank - Ashutosh Hartalkar &
Pranav Waghe
Pinnacle Perspective 1 st Rank – Kshitija Sawant, Ashwin Gorivale, Vaibhav Bhise, Sahyogi Gaikwad
Treasure Hunt 1 st Rank – Karan Patil &
Ankita Mhatare
Ad-Hustle 1 st Runner Up – Kshitija Sawant, Prathamesh Akulwar, Ashwin Gorivale, Sampada Shivade
Quiz Mania- 1 st Rank Sahil Kamthe & 2 nd Rank Vaibhav Bhise
Chess 1 st Rank - Shivam Madhavani
Human Ludo 1 st Rank - Komal Agrawal, Charu Yadav, Amit Raut, Janhavi Raut, Aniket Patil

Vyaparniti- The Business Plan Competition 2024

Bhartiya Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Department of Management organized Inter-collegiate event “Vyaparniti” the Business Plan Competition 2024 to fetch the vibrant communities of visionaries and entrepreneur together .The competition was organized for two days i.e. on 10 th Jan 2024 – Round 1 and 13 th Jan 2024 - Round 2 . There were total 13 teams in which 6 teams were from Atharva Institute of Management Studies and all the students were from MMS Sem-1 who gave their best by proposing unique business ideas. The team members name with there business name are mentioned below . The second prize with cash prize of Rs. 5000/- was won by one of the team of Atharva Institute of Management Studies.

Team 1
Team 2 – Winning team
Team 3
Team 4
Team 5
Team 6

Young Materials Management 2018

Students SANJANA & NEERAJ (MMS Operations) have won Young Materials Management 2018 competition held by Indian Institute of Materials Management on 3rd November 2018 at Mumbai.


Marketing interns received awards at Haldiram's for their exemplary participation in the Summer Internship Programme [SIP]. The names of students are furnished below:

  1. Dimple R.
  2. Raghav R
  3. Sanmukh B
  4. Sumeet B

Faculty Development Programme

FDP IV on 4th to 6th of Sept , 2019 conducted by Walchand People First - Dale Carnegie International

A faculty development programme was conducted by AIMS for all it's faculty from the 4th to 6th of September. A three day intensive workshop, it was conducted by Walchand People First - Dale Carnegie International. Based on the principles of Dale Carnegie, this programme was focussed more on helping the professors to improve the delivery part of their lectures which would enhance the impact of their content. Beginning with the understanding of adult learning principles and the proper approach to making any presentation, it made the participants aware of the various nuances of training. This was also a workshop filled with a lot of group activities and team building which helped the faculties know themselves and each other better. The workshop ended with a certificate for the participants from the prestigious Dale Carnegie Institute.

FDP III on 24th Nov, 2018 by Prof. Aughi Dalton- Visiting Faculty JBIMS, IIT Chennai.

We at Atharva Institute of Management Studies conducted a session on 'Digital Natives and the New Millennial' under the guidance of Prof. Aughi Dalton. The aim of the session was to enhance the creative side of each faculty member in an innovative and effective manner.

FDP II on 27th August 2018 by Mr. Garth Viegas, Global Insights Director at Tata Global Beverages

The Art(and Science) of Storytelling: A unique, innovative and vibrant session by Mr. Garth Viegas, Global Insights Director at Tata Global Beverages

FDP I on 11th of May 2018 by Professor S.V.D. Nageswara Rao, IIT Mumbai

Faculty Development and training is a systematic process that is directed to give every teacher a sense of professionalism, excellence and motivation. With this objective in mind, Atharva Institute of Management Studies organized the Faculty development Programme on the 11th of May 2018 in the Banquet Hall, Phase II, Atharva Educational Trust Campus. The eminent speaker for the programme was Professor S.V.D. Nageswara Rao, Fellow IIM-Ahmedabad and Professor of Finance and Economics at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-SOM).

The Faculty Development Programme deliberations were held on the following themes:
  1. Basis of Writing a Research Paper
  2. Innovative approaches in Teaching Pedagogy

Session 1 highlighted the entire Process of Writing a Research paper. The speaker holistically explicated the various facets of an Academic Research Paper starting from the Abstract, Literature Review to the Research Proposal along with the Do's and Don'ts while writing each of them. In Session 2, the speaker laid emphasis on the various effective approaches such as Role Plays, Application Oriented Course Projects, Analytical Essays and many other methodologies that can be adopted to enhance the Teaching Pedagogy in a Progressive manner. Faculty Development Programme 2018 facilitated the development of faculty profoundly that would help foster an organizational environment in which faculty feel empowered to continually work towards improved educational scholarship.

Management Development Program

Atharva Institute of Management Studies conducted a Management Development Program on 21st& 22nd June, 2019 at the Institute premises with the participants from various industries representing different work profiles and experiences.
The entire module was divided into two segments covering subject domains from Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources and certain glimpse and impact of Artificial intelligence & Machine learning efficacies.

DAY I - 21st June 2019

Session I - Dr. Sujata Pandey

The MDP was formally inaugurated by Dr. Sujata Pandey, the Director of AIMS. She focused her discussions and deliberation on the topic of "Current Business Environment". The current international & domestic issues were covered including topics on Energy valuations, US-China trade war, Impact of Brexit sanctions on Iran, Digitalization of business in India etc. in order to evaluate its impact on the overall business performances in the Indian subcontinent at length.

Session II - Prof. Tapas Mitra

He discussed on the various factors affecting the Valuation of Business under the following heads: To begin with "terms" that are frequently used for valuation of business, were discussed, in order to have the audience in context. Conceptual framework, purpose and methods of valuation of business with examples were brought out. Thereafter the most favored technique - Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) along with methods for developing Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) for a company, was discussed in detail with the help of a live example. The programme ended with a revision of the topic through key takeaways."

Session III - Prof. R.K. Sinha

He discussed on the effectiveness parameters of Leadership dimension under different organizational context with focus on developing Transformational leadership style to be practiced for having greater employee's involvement leading to higher contributions from the employee's perspectives instead of Transactional leadership.

Session IV - Prof. Ganesh Apte

He took a session on Inventory Management wherein he highlighted the importance of inventory management and how inventory management can improve profitability of the organization. He explained various techniques of inventory management and shared best practices in the industry.

Session V - Prof. Deepak Asarpota

He delivered a session on the Impact of work ethics and its ramifications in the industrial parlance, Work ethics is an invisible employee behavior, noticeable by its absence. The participants were very much interested in the training and it was a fresher course for them. Overall, the topics such as, differentiating work ethics and business ethics, defining success pyramid, statistical data available were well taken by participants. Subject content such as non-ethical behavior, how to overcome negative behaviors, enhancing positive behaviors were well discussed upon with engagement and relevant discussions.

Day II - 22nd July, 2019

Session I - Prof. R.K. Sinha

He centered his entire discussion on the issue of "Talent Management in 21st. century". Talent management is a conscious & and deliberate approach undertaken to attract, develop and retain people with the aptitude and abilities to meet current and future organizational needs.
Talent management involves individual and organizational development in response to a changing and complex operating environment. It includes the creation and maintenance of a supportive and people oriented organization culture. Talent Management refers to identifying the employee talent and utilizing it effectively and retaining the same talent to compete with similar organizations.

Session II - Prof. Deepak Asarpota

He talked on the topic of Enhancing sales Force Performance in the Indian as well as global context. Enhancing sales force performance is the Key function of Sales & Marketing domain: Basics and differences between sales and marketing were highlighted, with valid discussions in between the class times. Examples were well taken by the participating lot. Interesting topics such as sales and distribution, sales effectiveness and efficiency, pyramid of sales force performance, 360 degrees' sales performance were discussed.

Session III - Prof. R.K. Sinha

The topic of "Performance Management".
  • Performance Management is a bell curve environment and is often most grievance causing process for managers and employees alike.
  • The misgivings prevent it role adding value to the overall performance management process and the intent of PMS process is defeated with regard to the organizational expectations from employees concerned.
  • Though several companies have shifted from the bell curve in sectors like, IT, Consulting & conglomerates for that matter and followed curve less structures for PMS.

Session IV - Prof. Abhay Desai

The topic was "Negotiating skills".
The concept of negotiation was explained and types of Negotiations were discussed. Case studies on Negotiation skills were done for better understanding of the concept with a number of exercises with the participants.
Before the valedictory session of the program a small input was given by the undersigned on the current topic on " Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence" and its impact business environment as such with lot of examples.
The companies like Google, Amazon & Microsoft are using Google cloud auto networks for analyzing the customer's needs & aspirations through the data generated by effective algorithms and medical diagnosis is yet another dimension where the applications of machine learning algorithm helps for early diagnosis of the patients and their consequent treatment be made through it.
Very recently, yet another dimension has been added to new wings of Artificial Intelligence for early detection and signaling the seismic waves/data ofincoming earthquakes in the respective zone by utilizing neural networks systems as being used in the creation of driverless cars in the new upcoming market segment.

Concluding Session

On conclusion of the above program, certificates were provided to the participants and their feedback was duly recorded with Excellent remarks for the Management Development Program.