IBPC ‘Chakravyuh 1.0’ (Labyrinth) 2022

Standard Template for IBPC ‘Chakravyuh 1.0’ (Labyrinth) 2022: 1. Proposed Product/Service - Describe your unique idea along with the value proposition, and key attributes
2. Market Segmentation and Targeting - The market needs your product/service caters to.
- The target audience (TA)
- Approximate market size, with current and proposed market value (In USD)
3. Competitive Landscape - Provide an overview of the competitive landscape
- Describe the intellectual property (IP) associated with the business
- Core unique competencies of your start-up
- Competitors' SWOT
- Entry-exit barriers of your business
4. Business Execution Plan - Current stage of your start-up (e.g.- concept proofing, designing, prototyping, test marketing, launched, etc.)
- What is the boot-strapped amount of your start-up? (In USD)
- What amount of seed/crowd funding is required? (In USD)
- How will the funding be used? (In USD)
- Support your business plan with 3-year financial projections, followed by proforma P&L and balance sheet for the first year (In USD)
- Outline key milestones for the next 2 months (In USD)
- Background information of the founding team (Inventors, co-inventors, founders, co-founders, etc.)
5. Plan for Execution - Description of major risks/challenges/hurdles integral in the proposed plan
- Mitigation plan for such risks/challenges/hurdles
6. Revenue Model - Revenue generation plan (In USD)

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